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CC System Administration

Definitions for Service Management and System Administration


  • Facility offered to all or some CERN users (interactive service, batch service, tape service, etc)
  • Frequently maps to a defined cluster or hostgroup.

Service Managers

  • Decide policies, strategy and evolution for the service (discussions with users, vendors and other partners) in agreement with IT management
  • Define service metrics
  • Frequently delegate Service (System) Administration
  • Approve Administration procedures
  • Avoid contacting Operators directly

Service (System) Administrators

  • Work at the system level, IN ACCORDANCE WITH SM: OS installation, additional SW installation, SW configuration , response to alarms, follow-up of problems.
  • Follow well-defined (and approved) admin procedures.
  • Trigger Vendor Calls (via ITCM).
  • Report issues/inconsistencies detected at system level to Service Managers.
  • Create/Update documentation for the Operator.
  • Do not have direct contacts with the Users.

Basic Vs Proactive System Administration

  • Basic Administration:Administrators only apply well-defined procedures which have been approved by Service Managers
  • Proactive Administration:Service Managers provide service metrics and expectations. Administrators set up and administer systems in order to satisfy the service metrics.

Communication Service Managers -> System Administrators

  • New requests for System Administration as well as questions/remarks on System Administration should be send by Service Managers to
  • Work orders for systems managed by the System Administration team should be submitted by the Service Managers through ServiceNow.