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CC System Administration

Guidelines for Service Managers

System Administration service

This service offers:

  • Operating system and software installation.
  • Operating system administration and troubleshooting.
  • Creation and follow up of calls to the vendor (upon specific request, since hardware incidents are normally directly opened to the Repair Service).

In principle the System Administrators take care of all equipment located in the Computer Centre. The servers are usually configured by the Service Managers using puppet. Their configuration is not touched by the SysAdmins.

IMPORTANT: Note that all work requests have to be requested via ServiceNow.

Contact the System Administration team members

This address should only be used for general communications such as advanced notices. For real activity, please consider creating work orders instead (see below).

Write an email to

Create work orders (ServiceNow)

Use the option Create new ITCM Event (left menu) each time you want a System Administrator to intervene on your machines, such as: hardware diagnostics, system installations, etc...

Do not forget to attach the relevant Configuration Item (CI), aka the host name of the machine on which you want the action to be performed.

SysAdmins will asses the priority of the tickets, however you can help them by adjusting the "impact" and "Urgency" in the "SLA tab".
Another option considered by the SysAdmins is the flag is_essential of the machines (see how to)

While ServiceNow is the only method to request work from the System Administration Team, you can still create normal incidents or requests but only for tasks not related to a specific machine.

ServiceNow allows you to get updates of the ongoing work by adding yourself on the "watch list".

Contact the team management

This mailing list is to be used for asking clarification or reporting potential issues on the Sysadmin service.

Write an email to

24/7 Piquet Service

As of 1st-Apr-2016, there is no more coverage outside working hours by the SysAdmins.

Note that during some (advertised) periods (e.g: Christmas break) specific rules apply, and are usually based on best-effort support.